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    Welcome to Teen Witch, a web site for teenagers (and others) interested in witchcraft, Wicca, and other related earth religions.

    The Teen Witch web site features information for both beginners (including an on-line beginner’s class) and advanced witches (including a detailed astrological and lunar calendar).

    Important features of Teen Witch include: a growing list of Gods and Goddesses, daily astrological and lunar calendar, questions and answers, essays, book suggestions, links, and beginner’s class.

    We hope that teenage witches find this Teen Witch web site to be useful and informative. Click here to proceed directly to the main Teen Witch web page, or use the convenient table of contents below.

An updated version of this web page is now available at the new Teen Witch website Witch and witchcraft.


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    NOTE: There is no relation between TeenWitch.com, the web site, and Teen Witch, the book. To visit Silver Ravenwolf’s web site go to http://www.silverravenwolf.com/. You can order Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch book on line through Amazon.com by clicking on the link: Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation; by Silver Ravenwolf; Llewellyn Publications; September 1998; ISBN 1567187250; paperback; $10.36

    NOTE: There is no relation between TeenWitch.com, the web site, and the television shows Sabrina, the TeenAge Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the motion pictures the Craft, Blair Witch Project, or any other mass media entertainment projects aimed at wanna be witches.

witches and witchcraft

    A witch is a female shaman, typically including divination (astrology, palmistry, Tarot, I Ching, etc.), healing (herbal medications, aromatherapy, massage, sacred sexuality, etc.), and magick. (see note below about male witches)

    The practice of any of the arts of a witch or the religion of a witch.

    Wizard; traitor. From Old English wær covenant + -loga one who denies (related to leogan to lie), literally meaning “oath-breaker”. This term reflects medieval Christian propaganda and does not accurately describe a male witch.

    There is a lot of confusion over exactly what witchcraft is. Part of this confusion is because “witch” has a lot of different meanings, and the number of meanings is expanding rapidly. The preceeding definition is a root definition, from which the many modern defintions are derived. Obviously there will be a lot of modern witches who don’t match the root definition. We’re not trying to exclude them. In particular, we are not trying to discriminate against guys. Of course men can be witches. Traditionally, witches are women, but there have always been a small number of male witches. In modern times it is much more common for males to become witches. Before you fire off a protest letter about males being witches (we get a lot of those), please read about the early history and development of witchcraft and you will understand the intimate relationship between early witchcraft and women’s mysteries, particularly the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and childbirth.

    A dissenting opinion: Hey Milo, My name is Crystal (CrystalPixie on the web). Just ran through the main page, and I have a big suggestion for you. Find a more accurate definition for the word witch. I am a Witch, but I would never consider myself a Shaman. The title Shaman should be reserved for those who have had the proper training and everything that goes along with it. If you would like more information on Shamans, find one, they will tell you that they are not witches, most of the “real” Shamans are natives of their land (the Native Americans, Alaskans, Africans, South Americans — especially from the tribes in the Amazon, get my drift?) and have been trained by an elder of their tribe or clan. With all of the young ones that call themselves witches I doubt that very many of them would fall under such a catagory. If you’re going to have a domain name like “teenwitch” you’re going to get A LOT of traffic from the wannabes (I do not mean this offensively — but this is the only term I can find that correctly fits the 13-15 year olds that are into witchcraft because they think it’s “kewl”) and using inaccurate definitions you could spread bad information (then again, promoting Silver Ravenwolf will do that as well). Do yourselves a favor, ask around in the adult Pagan community for opinions and information.

Bright Blessings with Love and Light,


    Reply: The term “shaman” has many different meanings, including a highly restrictive meaning indicating a spiritual leader with advanced culture-dependent training (such as the kind that you mention). The use on the web site TeenWitch.com is in the more generic version common in archaeology.

kinds of witchcraft

    Just about every culture in the world had at least one form of witchcraft. There are several hundred common forms of witchcraft practiced in the United States, the two most common being eclectic withcraft and Wicca.

    Eclectic Witchcraft is an individual approach in which a witch picks and chooses from many different traditions and creates a personalized form of witchcraft that meets her needs and abilities.

    Wicca is a loosely connected group of about 150 modern Western witchcraft religions.

    Tameran Witchcraft is any modern form of witchcraft based at least in part on ancient Egyptian witchcraft, including some forms of eclectic witchcraft and some forms of Wicca.

    Kemetic Witchcraft is an attempt to exactly recreate ancient Egyptian witchcraft, usually one particular time period in ancient Egyptian history.


  1.     Originally “pagan” was used as a term of derision by city dwellers in the Roman Empire to make fun of the more superstitious version of Hellenism (the Greek religion) practiced in rural areas (from Latin paganus for “rustic”).
  2.     When the Christians took military control of the Roman Empire, they quickly stamped out non-Christian religions in the cities, but many witches, Jews, Hellenists, Gnostics, Zoarastrians, Mithraists, Hermeticists, and those of many other smaller religions fled to the mountains or to India or China. The Christians picked up the term “pagan” and applied it to all non-Christian religions, including witchcraft.
  3.     Later, Muslims (members of the religion Islam) borrowed the word “pagan” to mean all non-Muslims, including witches.
  4.     While some Christians continued to use “pagan” to mean non-Christian and some Muslims continued to use “pagan” to mean non-Muslim, the word came to mean any person who didn’t worship the “One God”, that is, everyone except for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. [NOTE: This is the most common meaning.]
  5.     Another variation of “pagan” was everyone except for Christians, Muslims, Jews, and atheists.
  6.     And then yet another variation was everyone except for Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, and members of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucionism, and similar aesthetic Asian religions (that is, “pagan” meaning those who are members of pantheistic, polytheistic, or witchcraft/shamanic religions).
  7.     “Pagan” could also mean anyone who wasn’t religious in a society completely dominated by either Christians or Muslims, that is, atheists, agnostics, and “wayward” members of Christianity or Islam, whichever was dominant.
  8.     And in recent decades, the term “pagan” has often been used as a shorter version of “Neo-Pagan”, including witches.

Christian Witches

    There are many Christian Witches right now today — and have been for as long as the Christian Church has existed.

    But the official Roman Catholic position is that Witchcraft (of any kind) is heresy — and they used to put Christian Witches to death for it.

    Some modern Wiccans honor Jesus as their male God and honor Mary (or Isis, who is also known as the Black Madonna) as their female Goddess. There are Witches that only worship the “official” Christian trinity, or just Jesus, or just the Christian God. And there are Witches that combine worship of Jesus with other Gods and/or Goddesses.

    You have to decide in your own heart what you think is right for you.…

Natural Witches

    A natural Witch is someone who has a natural Witch talent. If you are a natural Witch, your natural Witch talent will become obvious. Usually this happens fairly early in life, but it can be delayed until late in life.

    The most common natural Witch talent is having dreams that foretell the future. Another common natural Witch talent is being naturally accurate with runes, tarot, or other divination.

    Anybody can become a Witch, but you have to be born with a Witch talent to be a natural Witch.

    If you have a natural Witch talent, learning about Witchcraft and magick will help you learn how to control your natural Witch talent.

Becoming a Witch

    Becoming a Witch is pretty much the same as becoming a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jainist, etc. If in your heart you know it is right for you, then you make the decision to become a Witch.

    While there are some forms of Witchcraft that have specific entry requirements, most forms of Witchcraft are a personal decision. If you believe that you are a Witch, then you are a Witch.

    You can perform meditation or other ritual to help you determine if Witchcraft is right for you.

    You can also perform some kind of initiation ritual. Some Witchcraft traditions have specific initiation rituals. Other Witchcraft traditions call for the individual to create their own initiation ritual. And some Witchcraft traditions have no initiation at all.

    It is best to learn about Witchcraft from a practicing Witch, but many Witches are self-taught.

    Learning about Witchcraft can take a lifetime. There are many books out now that are designed to help beginners. The one we recommend is “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham. A link for purchasing the book on-line is at Beginner’s Class.

    We also recommend “The Teen Spell Book” by Jamie Wood.

    We also now have a booklet on beginning Witchcraft. This booklet costs $10 (add $5 for postage if you are outside of the U.S.) and can be ordered from: Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, Calif, 92781, USA.

    If you have an AOL account, there is a scheduled class “Wicca 101” for beginners on Tuesday nights (twice, once for the east coast and once for the west coast) and a “Beginners Chat” on Thursday nights at keyword “Pagan” (then select “The Circle” Chatroom).

    Witchvox.org also has resources for beginners.

beginner’s group

    We are starting our first on-line class in Wicca, especially for teenage witches. The class is based on Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner”. This is our first experiment in running an on-line class, so we’ll probably make some mistakes. To participate in the beginning Teen Witch Wicca class, click here.



    This web site appropriate for teenage witches, those interested in teen witchcraft, Wicca, eclectic witchcraft, or other forms of witchcraft, shamanism, paganism, and earth religions.

    Teenagers (and interested adults) are encouraged to actively participate in the Teen Witch web site. You are invited to write essays, to ask questions, to post your own answers to the questions of other teen witches, to make suggestions and constructive criticism, and to otherwise help make Teen Witch a useful and friendly place on the web for teenage witches.

    Please continue to the main teen witch web page (and book mark it for future reference).

no spell begging

    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell begging.

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free Witchcraft lessons

    Free lessons on Witchcraft, ancient Goddesses, astrology, and nutrition. I will answer short questions on-line through TeenWitchdotcom at Twitter and in person in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area. I will teach you what you need to know to be a successful priest, priestess, or witch, including the ability to perform weddings and readings. For more information read Witchcraft lessons.

private and small group lessons

    Contact Milo for information on private and small group lessons in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, California. Tutoring in Witchcraft, chess, guitar, English grammar and writing, history, or computer programming. Low cost or free for the poor. Recommended donation of $25 an hour (or $15 for half an hour). Minors need written permission from parent or guardian. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, USA, 92781.

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