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    You can obtain a little bit of free web space from a large number of providers or you can rent webspace.

    With many full service ISPs (such as AOL or EarthLink), you get a few megabytes of free web space for non-commercial use. Check with your ISP to see if they offer free web space, and the details on how to use it.

    There are many providers who will give you a limited amount of web space for free in trade for them putting ads and/or pop-up windows on all of your web pages. If you choose one of these free web spaces, your visitors will be forced to suffer through a lot of advertisements and pop-up windows before viewing your web site. And you will be forbidden from most (if not all) commercial activities of your own. Creating and maintaining a web site is more work than you might guess. A free web site is a good place to try it out and see if it is really something you want to do or not.

    You can rent or lease web space. Your visitors don’t see any ads (unless you add them to your site), but you have to pay for the web space, usually in advance, and often with a lease of a specific period of time. You get as much control as you pay for, which can range from simple serving of HTML, GIFs, and JPEGs, to complete CGI and database operations. You can also rent huge amounts of space, all the way to co-hosting your own server network. Web facilities can get expensive in a hurry, so only purchase services that you actually use.

    If you want your own domain name, you need to rent the domain name from a domain name service. You pay in advance for two years. And you must rent time on a server that offers DNS services (there is usually an initial charge and a monthly fee).

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