magickal uses of abalone

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abalone and witchcraft

    Abalone has many uses for Witchcraft. Abalone has been used by Kemetic (ancient Egyptian), Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Italian (Stregha), Celtic (Druidic and Faerie), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Gypsy, Norse, Germanic, British, Scottish, African, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Asian Indian, and Native American witches.

    A very popular use for abalone is for empowering love spells and for love talismans. Many beginners call it a “love amulet”, but amulets repel, while talismans attract. That’s why amulets are typically for protection. If you want to attract love, then you want a love talisman, not a love amulet.

    Abalone amulets protect the witch from negative energy. Abalone talismans attract creativity to the witch. A magick amulet protects from some kind of energy, while a magick talisman draws in some kind of energy. A witch can magickally charge the same abalone as both an amulte and a talisman.

    Witches can use abalone for meditation and chakra balancing.

    Witches can use whole abalone shells as an incense holder.

abalone amulet

    Wearing abalone shell as a magickal amulet will protect the wearer from negativity, especially anger, depression, fear, and/or sadness. The abalone amulet should be charged with a protection spell and/or ritual (protection from negativity, protection from anger, protection from depression, protection from fear, protection from sadness).

abalone talisman

    As mentioned above, abalone can be used for empowering love spells (abalone is ruled by the planet Venus, often used in love spells) and empowered as a love talisman (abalone is special to Aphrodite). The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, sometimes rode the ocean waves on a giant abalone shell. The Romans called Aphrodite by the name Venus (still used as a planet name).

    Wearing abalone shell as a magickal talisman will bring inspiration and creativity, especially in writing. This magick effect is strongest with creative writing, especially lyric poetry, but can also be used for business or school writing. The abalone talisman should be charged with a creativity spell and/or ritual. An abalone talisman can be used to help with inspiration and creativity in any art. Carrying or wearing an abalone talisman will help give you creative ideas, especially if magickally charged.

abalone meditation

    Because of the abalone’s magick energy protects from negativity, a magick abalone amulet is great for meditation.

    An abalone talisman can help you move past negative emotions and bring you in touch with your own innner beauty.

    The same abalone shell can be magickally charged as both an amulet and a talisman. A dually charged magick abalone is particularly good for meditation.

abalone chakra balancing

    Abalone can be used for chakra balancing. This is an advanced metaphysical subject. Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, abalone can be used with almost any chakra balancing techniques you have learned.

abalone incense holder

    A complete abalone shell can be used as a magick incense holder (for stick incense). Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, it can be used as an incense holder for any kind of magick ritual or spell. Abalone’s power to protect from negativity helps protect your magick spells and rituals. Incense burned in an abalone shell incense holder is empowered for any kind of magick.

    An abalone shell incense holder should be placed in the center third (middle of middle, left, and right) of a witch’s altar.

    Abalone shell is not apppropriate as a censor. Use an abalone shell incense holder with stick incense only.

abalone planetary ruler

    Venus is the planetary ruler for abalone. This makes abalone good for love, romance, fine food, and creativity (especially poetry and music).

abalone element

    Water is the element for abalone. A piece of abalone can be used to represent the element water during calling of corners (when casting a circle). A witch can use abalone on the altar for any magick spell that needs a symbol or representative of the element water.

abalone and candles

    Abalone works well with any candle color. Use any color candles on your altar when magickally charging abalone.

abalone and silver

    Silver is the only metal that should come into contact with abalone being used for magickal rituals or spells. Sterling silver is acceptable for abalone worn as an amulet or talisman.

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