Erotic Dance

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    Erotic dance was a sacred ritual in ancient Egypt, common in fertility rituals and sex magick. The most famous was the erotic dance of the priestesses of Het Heret [whom the Greeks called Hathor], but also common in the temples of Bast, Aset [Isis], and Nuit.

    During the erotic dance ritual, the priestess would actually become the Goddess in all Her glory. According to the ancient texts, during the erotic dance ritual the priestesses would achieve visionary orgasm in which great truths were revealed.

    Descriptions of sacred erotic dance, along with beautiful erotic paintings, were routinely destroyed by Christian and Moslem archaeologists with the notation “pornography — destroyed”.

    Erotic dance ritual, particularly in the temples of Het Heret and Sekhmet, was often accompanied by the drinking of red beer.

    The erotic dance of Tamera (ancient Egypt) was in some ways different than that of some modern strip bars.

    The erotic dance of the priestesses was viewed as a holy activity. As a typical example, the priestesses of Het Heret [Hathor] were reknown for their erotic dance ritual as part of sex magick fertility rites.

    Het Heret was the over-arching sky cow Goddess, associated with fertility and bounty and plenty. Married couples would go to the temples of Het Heret for fertility rites that would hopefully lead to a successful pregnancy. The temples were filled with sweet smelling incense. Typically sweets and red beer or golden ale would flow freely. The priestesses of Het Heret would dance to the rhythms of live drumming. When the couples were sufficiently aroused, they would engage in sexual intercourse on comfortable pillows.

    Although the priestesses of Het Heret were most famous for their erotic dance, similar rituals also occurred in the temples of Bast, Aset [Isis], Sekhmet, Nuit, and many other Goddesses.

    The priestesses would often enter into an altered state of consciousness during erotic dance, becoming the Goddess manifest in human form. On occassion the priestesses would experience compelling spiritual visions while in this eroticly charged state.

Modern Erotic Dance

    In the modern world, a number of strippers or exotic dancers are Pagans or witches who experience visionary and divine orgasms and other dance-induced visionary, divine, spiritual, or religious states while performing erotic dance ritual in commercial clubs.

    In the modern world a number of witches and Pagans have “channeled” or transformed into a Goddess while dancing. One or more modern viewers have seen women transform partially or completely into a Goddess. Often the viewer or viewers do not know the identity of the Goddess at the time they view the transformation. I have received reports with vague descriptions that may or may not have been Tameran (ancient Egyptian) Goddesses. I have received clear descriptions of Greek, Norse, Hindu, and Tameran (ancient Egyptian) Goddesses. I have received reports specifically identifying Greek, Norse, Hindu, and Tameran (ancient Egyptian) Goddesses. The Tameran (ancient Egyptian) Goddesses reported include: Aset [Isis], Bast Het Heret Nuit, and Sekhmet. Many reports clearly indicate that only the woman’s head transforms, while other reports indicate that the entire woman transforms into a Goddess.

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