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    The author of this web site is available to write for your website. TeenWitch.com is the number one teen witchcraft website on the planet (Google, 7 July 2007) and number one, number two, or in the top 10 (first results page) for literally thousands of key word/phrase searches in the major search engines. This website gets more than one million visitors a year (as of 20 October 2007). I have achieved this kind of success with mulitple websites. I have achieved this kind of success with mulitple websites. I was told by a local web design company that my success in “organic” search results for thousands of keywords is pure coincidence and only a combination of SEO and purchase of search ads can provide the results I have achieved. If you believe that my success is the result of my writing skill and that I can do this for any non-fiction subject matter, contact me at Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, USA, 92781, to achieve similar results for your web site.

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    Many businesses believe that they can stand out from their competition by paying a few hundred dollars to search optimization experts who all do the exact same things to cumulatively hundreds of millions of web sites. The absurdity of that approach should be obvious. How can you stand out from hundreds of millions of other websites by doing the exact same thing they all do?

    If you have the patience to work with a long term approach, then maybe you should hire me. I will work for minimum wage (as long as I get each month’s pay up front in advance — I’ve been burned too many times by businesses that don’t pay me after I do weeks of works). Minimum wage in California is currently $7.50 an hour and with an average of 4-1/3 work weeks in a month, that is a total of $1,300.

    Send the first month’s money, the FTP information (host, ID, and password), and your contact information (including name, phone number, and e-mail) in a physical letter to: Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, CA, 92781, USA. Also inform me by e-mail, but don’t reveal your FTP passsword in e-mail. I will contact you and start work as soon as I receive payment.

    Why should you believe I know what i am talking about? Note that the following results were in early July 20007 and can vary slightly over time.

    Type teen witchcraft into Google and my site, TeenWitch.com, is number one. And number for teen witchcraft at Ask. But only number two at Yahoo.

    Type operating system comparison into Google and you will find my website OSdata.com is number one.

    You will find similar results with other search engines.

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free Witchcraft lessons

    Free lessons on Witchcraft, ancient Goddesses, astrology, and nutrition. I will answer short questions on-line through TeenWitchdotcom at Twitter and in person in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area. I will teach you what you need to know to be a successful priest, priestess, or witch, including the ability to perform weddings and readings. For more information read Witchcraft lessons.

private and small group lessons

    Contact Milo for information on private and small group lessons in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, California. Tutoring in Witchcraft, chess, guitar, English grammar and writing, history, or computer programming. Low cost or free for the poor. Recommended donation of $25 an hour (or $15 for half an hour). Minors need written permission from parent or guardian. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, USA, 92781.

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