do not eat at Flame Broilers
they are thieves and crooks

    Do not eat at Flame Broilers. They are theives and crooks. Do you trust a crook to prepare your food?


    On Thursday, November 5, 2009, at approximately 1:30 p.m., I attempted to order a vegetable bowl with brown rice and green onion, along with a small cup of iced tea, from the Flame Broiler at the northeast corner of 17th Street and Orange Avenue in Costa Mesa, California.

    They took my money, a total of $7.12. Shortly after taking my money a woman (who I think may have been the wife of the owner) started giving me a hard time.

    I decided to leave because I know to never trust food prepared by someone who doesn’t like me. At a minimum, the people at the Flame Broiler could have easily done something disgusting like cough, sneeze, or spit into my food before serving me. Right in the middle of H1N1 Swine Flu season. And there was even the possibility of the Flame Broiler people adding cleaning materials or other dangerous ly toxic chemicals to the food they served me. It just isn’t worth the rtisk to eat anywhere that one isn’t liked.

    I politely stated that I was going someplace else and asked for my money back. I was referred to the woman who had been mean to me. That woman looked away in disgust and ignored me. I left without either food or refunded money.

    That same evening at approximately 6:30 p.m. I returned to the same Flame Broiler location and once again asked for my $7.12 back. I was again turned down.

    Obviously the Flame Broiler corporation thinks that they can make a nifty little profit by committing the felony crime of commercial theft.

    The Flame Broiler people know the police aren’t going to investigate a case involving $7.12. They know that no lawyer is going to go to court over a $7.12 case.

    That $7.12 they stole from me is pure profit because they didn’t provide anything for the money. The Flame Broiler people think that little thefts can add up to pad their corporate bottom line and that nobody can do anything about it.

    I am warning the world to avoid these thieves and crooks. Never go into Flame Broiler.


    I thought that I might visit their website adn use the ubiquitious contact form to complain or at least get the address of the corporate headquarters to send a complaint letter.

    To my surprise the corporate website is specifically designed to only work on Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows. Their website specificall states that you must use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to use their website.

    I understand that many businesses, including some very large ones, feel trapped into using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office because of Microsoft’s long-running illegal monopoly activities.

    But Flame Broiler goes beyond mere use and instead actively participates in Microsoft’s monopoly as an active co-conspirator!

    I don’t understand why any large corporation would deliberately and intentionally turn away all customers who use Macintosh or Linux. What do Flame Broiler’s stockholders and top management have against Macitnosh and Linux users?

    But I also notice that the same prejudice against Mac and Linux users is also illegal discrimination against the handicapped, in particular the blind and vision impaired.

    Target, a much larger corporation, already found out that it is illegal to discriminate against the disabled on your website. A business must provide accessibility to the disabled.

    Intentionally blocking access to vision impaired and blind persons using Macs or Linus or blind and vision impaired persons who use a web browser designed for the blind is completely illegal under the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    I am letting every lawyer in California know that there is a huge lawsuit that you can easily win against Flame Broiler.

    Flame Broiler’s stockholders and managers are going to regret having stolen $7.12 from a Witch.

    I am warning the world to avoid these thieves and crooks. Never go into Flame Broiler.


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