Summary: Asar (Osiris) is the native ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) God of life, death, fertility, and vegetation.


    Kemetic names: Asar, Ausar, Wesir

    Greek names: Osiris, Usire

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

    English name: Green Man (the term “Green Man” refers to a class of deities from many different traditions, of which Asar is a Kemetic example — Asar/Osiris was commonly depicted as a green man)

basic information:

    Asar [Osiris]: God of life and death. Husband and brother of Aset (Isis), brother of Set, Nebt Het (Nephthys), and Heru the Elder (Horus the Elder), son of Nwt and Geb, and father of the twins, Bast and Heru (Horus the Younger), lover of Nebt Het (Nephthys), and father of Anpu (Anubis). Asar (Osiris) is shown as a virile green man or as a mummified black man. See also information on the religious item known as the Djed.

Asar’s relations:

    Brother of Aset (Isis), brother of Set, Nebt Het (Nephthys), and Heru the Elder (Horus the Elder).

    Husband of Aset (Isis).

    Father of the twins, Bast and Heru (Horus the Younger), and father of Anpu (Anubis).

    Son of Nwt and Geb.

magickal information and correspondences:

    Symbol: djed

    Sacred candle color: black

herbs (and foods) associated with Asar (Osiris):

    Palm trees, as well as dates and cocounts, were sacred to Asar (Osiris) and Aset (Isis). The heart of palm (an edible food) was forbidden in offerings to Aset (Isis) or Asar (Osiris) because removing the heart of the palm kills the tree.

holy days

    Day of Keeping Things: Celebrated on January 1st.

    Asar’s Birthday: Celebrated on July 14.

    Sacred Rites of Koiak: The sacred rites of Koiak and the Koiak festivals are dedicated to the Osirian mystery cycle. Celebrated on October 31.

    Third Day of the Isia: The Search for Asar. Seven-day fall ceremony honoring the Osirian Mysteries. Celebrated on October 30.

    Fourth Day of the Isia: Seven-day fall ceremony honoring the Osirian Mysteries. Celebrated on October 31.

    Fifth Day of the Isia: The Finding of Asar. Seven-day fall ceremony honoring the Osirian Mysteries. Celebrated on November 1.

    Sixth Day of the Isia: The Recovery of Asar from death. Seven-day fall ceremony honoring the Osirian Mysteries. Celebrated on November 2.


    The cult of Osiris, the dead man deified, and the earliest forms of his worship, were, no doubt, wholly of African origins; these are certainly the oldest elements in the religion of the Dynastic Period, and the most persistent, for Osiris maintained his position as the god and judge of the dead from the Predynastic to the Ptolemaïc Period. The Followers of Horus, who brought a solar religion with them into Egypt from the East, never succeeded in dislodging Osiris from his exalted position, and his cult survived undimished notwithstanding the powerful influence which the priests of Ra, and the worshippers of Amen, and the votaries of Aten respectively exercised throughout the country. The heaven of Osiris was believed to exist in a place where the fields were fertile and well stocked with cattle, and where meat and drink were abundant; the abodes of the blessed were thought to be constructed after the model of the comfortable Egyptian homesteads in which they had lived during life, and the ordinary Egyptian hoped to live in one of these with his wives and parents. On the other hand, the followers of Ra, the sun-god, believed in a heaven of a more spiritual character, and their great hope was to occupy a seat in the boat of the god, and, arrayed in light, to travel whithersoever he went. They wished to become bright and shining spirits, and to live upon the celestial meat and drink upon which he lived; as he was so they hoped to be in every respect. The materialistic heaven of Osiris appealed to the masses in Egypt, and the heaven where Ra lived to the priests of Ra and other solar gods, and to the royal and aristocratic families, and to the members of the foreign section of the community who were of Eastern origin.
    The various waves of religious thought and feeling, which swept over Egypt during the five thousand years of her history which are known to us, did not seriously disturb the cult of Osiris, for it held out to the people hopes of resurrection and immortality of a character which no other form of religion could give. Secure in these hopes the people regarded the various changes and developments of religious ideas in their country with equanimity, and modifications in the public worship of the gods, provided that the religious feasts and processions were not interrupted, moved them but little. Kings and priests from time ot time made attempts to absorb the cult of Osiris into religious systems of a solar character, but they failed, and Osiris, the man-god, always triumphed, and at the last, when his cult disappeared before the religion of the Man CHRIST, the Egyptians who embraced Christianity found that the moral system of the old cult and that of the new religion were so similar, and the promises of resurrection and immortality in each so much alike, that they transferred their allegiance from Osiris to Jesus of Nazareth without difficulty.

The Gods of the Egyptians Studies in Egyptian Mythology Volume 1, E.A. Wallis Budge, Preface [NOTE: The belief that lighter skinned Aryans conquered the darker skinned Black Africans and introduced the Egyptian civilization was last seriously proposed by Adolph Hitler and is no longer taken seriously.]

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