Summary: Hecate is the Greek Goddess of healing and magick.


    Greek name: Hecate, Hecate Triformus, Hekate

    Egyptian name: Hekat

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

basic information:

    Hecate: Greek Goddess of magick and healing.


    Planet: Moon

herbs associated with Hecate:

    Gothic herbs: Hecate is associated with the 13 traditional baneful Witchcraft herbs: aconite (wolfsbane), black hellebore, black nightshade, common foxglove, datura, deadly nightshade (belladonna), fly agaric, hemlock, mandrake, rue, wild poppy, wormwood, and yew. Note these are baneful herbs, that is, they are dangerous and toxic. These 13 baneful herbs can make you very sick (or even in some cases kill you) just from touching them. Of course, eating or ingesting them is suicidal. Handle with care. Not for beginners.

holy days:

    Hecate Moon: Greek lunar holy day. Celebrated on the last day of the lunar month (the day before the New Moon), Greeks would honor Hecate, the Goddess of Witches, by leaving a small meal on altars at crossroads. These meals were eaten by the poor or animals (note use a paper plate, because any plate must be permanently donated to Hecate). Many modern Witches and Wiccans volunteer to help distribute food the poor on this day. Other modern Witches and Wiccans organize food drives or donate food for the poor on this day. See also Hecate black candle love spell.
    In 2008, Hecate Moons occur on: January 7th, February 5th, March 6th, April 4th, May 4th, June 2nd, July 1st, July 31st, August 29th, September 28th, October 27th, November 26th, December 26th.

    Hecate Feast: Held on January 31st.

    Feast of Hecate: Held on August 13th. Variations include Greek feast of Hecate, Greek Hecate’s Supper, Greek Festival of Hecate, Roman Feast of Hecate, and Wiccan feast of Hecate.

    Day of Hecate: Held on November 16th.

    Feast of St. Hilda: Held on November 17th.

    Day of Hecate at the Crossroads: Held on November 30th.


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    Hecate Triformus — The Triple Goddess. The original Holy Trinity was the maiden-matron-crone holding triple sway over heaven, earth, and underworld. Her torch of lunar fire, serpent of immortality, and knife of midwifery imbued her with primal power, especially in Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic cultures. Christian tradition diabolized her as queen of witches to obscure her importance to the agrarian societies of medieval Europe as a source of healing magic. —picture and text © 1996 JBL Statues (now called Sacred Source), original text created by Tom Laudeman

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