Black history

Black African history

    The ancient Egyptian nation, culture, and religion are Black African. You won’t hear that in Weestern schools.

    At the height of European imperialism, Christian and European scholars claimed that the White European race was genetically superior to all other races (especially African, Asian, and native American) and that the widespread colonization of other lands was “the White Man’s Burden.”

    Under the theory of the White Man’s Burden, the European colonization of Asia, Africa, and the Americas was essential because the native inhabitants were supposedly so inferior genetically that they were unable to govern themselves and needed the leadership of “enlightened” White European Christians.

    The name of the world’s most famous philosopher, K’ung fu-tze, was changed to the Greek sounding Confucius to eliminate the evidence of the Chinese mind’s ability to achieve greatness in philosophy.

    Similarly, the obviously great achievements of the African peoples of ancient Egyptian were covered up by claiming that the ancient Egyptians were light-skinned Europeans.

    These kinds of lies were repeated soley for racist reasons.

    John Moore has an excellent web page at that outlines the essential Black Afrikan nature of the ancient Egyptian nation, cultgure, religion, and peoples.

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