Artemis-Related Myths

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Artemis, as a virgin goddess, was so pure that She allowed no man to see her. One day, however, a hunter named Actaeon came upon Artemis as She was bathing in a stream near Orchomenus. It is unknown whether Actaeon was actually looking for Artemis, or was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Artemis was furious at Actaeon, and turned him into a stag. She then had his own fifty hounds tear him to pieces to ensure that he couldn’t tell anyone about what he had seen. (This is illustrated here. — OUTSIDE LINK — PICTURE)


Callisto, the daughter of Lycaon, was a follower of Artemis. One day, however, Zeus seduced Callisto, and Callisto became pregnant with His child. As Artemis requires the same chastity of Her followers that she maintains herself, she punished Callisto by changing her into a bear. Zeus then prevented Callisto from being hunted to death by setting her image in the stars. Callisto’s child, Arcus, was saved.


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