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Saturday; July 10, 1999 C.E.

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Kaya Indica

For the love of Kaya Indica

by Amal Lana

Reprinted from:

Orange County Hemp Journal

    February 12, 1993 is a day I will never forget. We had been waiting four years for that day. The feeling I had when the doctor told me it was not the flu, but that we were going to have an addition to our family. The doctor asked me if I do drugs. I said no, but for my asthma and headaches I drink marijuana tea and smoke it. Little did I know that by being truth ful that day it would hit us later. Just to note, marijuana is the only medi cation I use. I continued to use it for morning sickness.

    I then switched to a midwife who was telling me that by using marijuana as medicine, our child has a high risk of being retarded, afflicted with brain damage, or death in the womb. I asked her to bring in facts to back what she was telling me. To this day she never has. I was 7-1/2 months pregnant when my midwife gave us some heart dropping news. She informed us that the day our baby is born they will perform a drug test on the baby. If they find any THC in the baby’s system, they will take the baby, send us home, and send a social worker over to see if we are good enough people to care for our child. I then went off about how insane this country is and the valuable uses of cannabis hemp. She laughed at me when I mentioned the history of usage in America, and told me it was NEVER legal here. I was soon to prove her wrong. I copied a whole binder of information and gave it to her at the next appointment. I quit smoking marijuana that day.

    The next six weeks I got extremely ill. They could not tell me what it was, yet they were trying to feed me all kinds of chemical drugs which I refused to take. How can you cure something without knowing the cause? It was closer to my due date, when my midwife brought up the hemp issue. She had read the information and to my surprise told me her married name is Gray. Her husband is related to Judge James Gray [EDITOR’S NOTE: Judge Gray was heavily criticized for coming out in favor of marijuana re-legalization.]. What I got out of the conversation was that I opened her eyes.

    But the nightmare continues. The magical day has come. It was 4:47 a.m. on October 12, 1993, and our little girl was born.

    Little Kaya-Indica Caribbean, a gift to us from the creator. They let us bond a while, then they let her have it. They stuck a hard plastic bag between her legs to collect her urine. It was stuck to her legs with tape that ripped her skin when removed. It was 2:00 p.m. that afternoon when the first social worker came to visit. First, she kicks my husband out of the room. She then harassed and intimidated me, asking all kinds of questions and refused to believe my answers. The social worker said that when the test comes back positive, they are going to be a lot harder on me, since she assumed I was lying.

    The test for THC and other drugs came back negative and you think it would stop there, but it did not. We could not go home until a second social worker came to see us. She was nicer, of course, since the test was negative, but still harassing me.

    It was October 18th when we received a phone call from another social worker, saying she would be by that afternoon. She came over, made me sign several documents and informed me that they are concerned about my past “DRUG ABUSE.” Using marijuana for an occasional headache or asthma attack is considered drug abuse. Now that is funny. She continued telling me that I could have easily harmed our child. I went off again speaking about the benefits of hemp. She refused to take and READ any literature I had to offer. She kept trying to interrupt me but I kept talking. She finally got up and said she had to go. I kept her by the door for almost half an hour, still talking, stressing the environmental issue. Finally, the worker said “You do care, don’t you?” Of course I do! I would love to see out children in the future be able to go outside without oxygen masks on. We’ve bruised our mother Earth, but there is still hope. I’ve been informed that everything looks perfect and Social Services will not be back. We shall see. America, land of the free.

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